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At Desmart, we focus not only on coding, but on delivering the best solutions for our client’s business. Our dedication demands an Agile Approach where we work in partnership with our clients, ensure open communication, and frequent inspection and adaptation of our work.

What Is the Agile Mindset All About?

By saying we possess an Agile mindset, we mean that all the work we do is primarily done to satisfy the users’ needs. We understand and respect also needs of your customers and the underlying goal to do good business with the product we develop. 

Our work is done with a focus on early and continuous delivery of business value throughout the development process. To us, adding value to our customers’  business means that we focus on delivering working software that is somewhat usable even in the early stages of development.

We have practices in project planning, management, and monitoring put in place to accomplish this. We seek to effectively collaborate with all business stakeholders to ensure technical excellence by the delivery team. 

Trust is an essential aspect of our development process, along with daily cooperation and transparency. You have the same access to the product as the development team and can test, accept, or reject the work done at any point during the process.  

You can also alter any future plans regarding the direction of the product. This makes you a member of our team as you are just as important to the success of the product. By collaborating with us at all stages, you can be sure that the time and money you have invested in the product development is spent wisely. 

12 Agile Principles

Deliver frequently

Satisfy the customer

Welcome changes

Work together

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About Scrum Methodology at Desmart

The main advantage of an Agile approach is that throughout all the stages of product development we have opportunities to learn and improve both the product and the development process. We are inspired to improve our process at every sprint. Using Scrum methodology allows us to work using an Agile approach.

The Scrum Master holds an important role in making sure these improvements take place during every phase. Their role is to manage the development process, including facilitation of the product and the team working on the product. Every member is equally important and committed not only as individuals, but as a team. 

There is also great importance placed on the cycle of our work, dividing it into 1-2-week sections called sprints. Each sprint is focused on tasks where we deliver a finished piece of work. We also use self-assessment techniques to encourage our growth both as individuals and as a team. After every sprint, there is a retrospective meeting held where we conduct these assessments. Using this framework, we improve with every sprint, improving both the product and process itself.


Let’s look into what the Scrum process looks like!


Scrum process

Main Advantages of Using Scrum Framework

The Scrum Process has several advantages, listed below:

  • One person takes on the role of the Product Owner and there is a clear vision and decisions established regarding the product goals. As a manager, they can collaborate with other business stakeholders, making decisions or collecting information/data. They serve as the single point of contact, representing all their associates
  • A Product Backlog is created and serves as a main source of information for both the client and the development team regarding all work needed to be done to reach our goals
  • The product development team is self-organized and cross-functional. This means they can advise you and find solutions for complex problems that arise, taking responsibility for their work
  • By organizing the work into cycles (sprints), a predictability in our work is established ensuring a trusting relationship with our clients
  • With every sprint, the goal is to deliver part of a product that you can use from the very beginning
  • During periodic meetings our work is summarized and assessed, our process is improved, and new goals are set. This makes clients feel secure as we take the time to consult with them and re-assess our strategy
  • The Scrum Master serves as the facilitator in this process and is your guide along the way to vsuccessfully meeting your goals

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